Are you interested in selling land in Long Island? There is a common misconception that selling local land is a lengthy and arduous process. The truth is you can sell your land surprisingly easily, especially if you choose the right buyer. Our team is here to buy your land quickly and easily. We go to great lengths to minimize the potential hassles of selling land, meaning you won’t have to bother with listing fees, commissions, closing costs and escrow fees that would have otherwise reduced the proceeds of the sale.

Whether you no longer have use for your land, are in need of cash, no longer want to pay taxes on the property or simply looking to simplify your life, you can sell your land fast by pairing up with the right buyers. Our network of local land buyers are ready and willing to pay cash for your property. Meet with our team, provide us with the opportunity to take a look at your land and you’ll be able to sell it surprisingly quickly for cash.

How Much is My Land Worth?

The value of your land is determined by its size, condition, comparable sales in the area and several other factors. Provide our land buyers with information about the property and we will begin the review process.

Our team analyzes the following information to determine the value of your land:

  • Recent sales data pertaining to similar properties
  • Information stemming from the county assessment
  • Research pertaining to comparable pieces of land in the area
  • The quality of the land
  • Additional special considerations unique to your property

Once we weigh all the factors and crunch all the numbers, we will float out a fair all-cash offer for your land.

How Long Does It Take to Sell My Land?

Selling land has the potential to be faster than most people assume. Once the title examination is performed and it is determined there is clear title to the land in question, our team will schedule the closing. A qualified title specialist will prepare the legal documentation for your signature, notarization and return for filing.

The notarized and signed legal paperwork sets the stage for the funds to be distributed, meaning you will receive an influx of cash into your bank account. All in all, the process is likely to take less than a month. In fact, the sale of your land might even be completed in as little as two weeks or less. In the end, the timeline of the title company, county office and attorney used for the title will shape the length of time it takes to sell your land.

Can I Sell Piece of My Land to My Neighbor?

Indeed, it is possible to sell a piece of land to a neighbor adjacent to your property. However, it is in your interest to investigate matters prior to exchanging funds for the Deed. If the land in question is registered with the local Land Registry and you are on record as the registered owner, you can move forward with the sale. However, if there are questions as to the party that owns the land in question, additional documentation will be necessary to prove ownership prior to the point at which the sale is approved.

Can I Sell My Share of Jointly Owned Land?

In most cases, you can sell a share of jointly owned land. Co-owners of land are perfectly free to sell or transfer a share of property. However, it must be noted if one of the co-owners of the jointly owned land cannot transfer the share of the other partial owner without that party’s permission. A partition deed is necessary to determine each co-owner’s specific share.

Why Handsome Homebuyer?

Handsome Homebuyer makes it easy to sell land without a long wait. We strive to simplify the land-selling process so you can receive a considerable amount of cash without waiting any longer than absolutely necessary. In certain situations, it is possible to close the sale of a land or house in less than a week’s time.

Here’s a quick look at our land-buying process:

  1. Contact us to schedule an analysis of the land. Our local homebuyers live and work in the same areas where we buy land so it won’t take long for us to check out your property
  2. The property analysis will occur in-person or through video chat, taking as little as merely 15 minutes
  3. Receive and review your cash offer in 24 hours or less
  4. Accept the offer and schedule the closing

Our team strives to exceed expectations. We hope you are satisfied with your land sale proceeds and willing to recommend us to others looking to sell land. We pay up to $5,000 for referrals that end in a purchase. Reach out to our team today to find out more about selling your land.

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The following are a few of the land we’ve bought in the West Babylon area.

Neighborhoods We Are Serving

  • Amityville (11701)

  • Asharoken (11768)

  • Babylon (11702)

  • Baywood (11706)

  • Bellmore (11710)

  • Bethpage (11714)

  • Centerport (11721)

  • Cold Spring Harbor (11724)

  • Commack (11725)

  • Copiague (11726)

  • Crab Meadow (11768)

  • Deer Park (11703)

  • Dix Hills (11729)

  • East Farmingdale (11735)

  • East Massapequa (11758)

  • East Meadow (11554)

  • East Nortport (11731)

  • Eatons Neck (11768)

  • Elwood (11740)

  • Farmingdale (11735)

  • Fort Salonga (11754)

  • Gilgo Beach (11702)

  • Greenlawn (11721)

  • Halesite (11743)

  • Hicksville (11801)

  • Huntington (11721)

  • Huntington Bay  (11743)

  • Huntington Station (11746)

  • Jericho (11753)

  • Levittown  (11756)

  • Lindehurst (11757)

  • lloyd Harbor (11724)

  • Massapequa Park (11762)

  • Massapequa  (11758)

  • Melville (11747)

  • Merrick (11566)

  • New Cassel (11590)

  • North Amityville (11726)

  • North Babylon (11702)

  • North Lindehurst (11757)

  • North Merrick (11566)

  • North Wantagh (11793)

  • Northport (11768)

  • Oak Beach (11702)

  • Old Bethpage (11804)

  • Old Westbury (11568)

  • Plainedge (11714)

  • Plainview  (11803)

  • Salisbury (11590)

  • Seaford (11783)

  • South Farmingdale (11735)

  • Syosset (11791)

  • Wantagh (11793)

  • West Babylon (11704)

  • West Hills (11743)

  • West Islip  (11706)

  • Westbury (11590)

  • Wheatley Heights (11798)

  • Wyandanch (11704)