Top 10 Ugliest Houses We’ve Purchased in Long Island

1. Melville, NY. Single Family House. 1959 Built.

We purchased this house from an estate. The heirs grew up in the house and had since relocated to Florida. All parties were extremely happy with the offer they received and I was able to close on the property in only 17 days.

2. Rocky Point, NY. Single Family House. North Shore. House Built 1963.

This house was in terrible condition when I purchased it from the homeowners.  The house was filled with over 180 yards of garbage, roof was leaking, there was mold, and violations for an illegal apartment.  I purchased house in “as is” condition with all the violations and contents.  The seller was thrilled we made his life so easy.  The house has since been renovated and the new owners are in love with it.

3. Brentwood, NY. Single Family House. House Built 1983.

When I purchased this house the entire neighborhood came outside to cheer.  This house had been an eyesore for many years and a magnet for squatters and vandals.  It’s not the nicest house on the block and has helped further increase local property values.

4. Ridge, NY. Single Family House. House Built 1977.

The seller was in jeopardy of losing this property for unpaid taxes. With only a few months before the house was to be sold at auction we were able to purchase the property and help the owner relocate to Pennsylvania.

5. Mastic Beach, NY. Single family home. Built 1981.

This house had a non paying tenant for three years. To make matters worse they destroyed over 2,000 square feet of living space. The previous owner was losing money every month and was unable to find a buyer for the house with the tenants. I purchased the property at a fair price and took the tenants through the eviction process. The house has since been gut renovated and sold to a young family.

6. Plainview, NY. Single Family House Built 1981.

This tremendous 5 bedroom 3 bathroom colonial was purchased from an estate. The house had been left unattended and a pipe burst leaving the entire house covered in mold.  I purchased the property in “as is” condition and our team is currently renovating it to perfection.

7. Patchogue, NY. Single Family House Built 1985.

This house had been the victim of a significant fire. The seller was able to keep a large insurance check and sell me the property for a combined massive profit. We have since renovated the house and it’s the nicest property on the block.  Win win situation for everyone.

8. Elmont, NY. Single Family House Built 1987.

This house had a squatter living in it for 5 years prior to purchase. I was able to make an agreement with the squatter to help him relocate to Florida. Our team then proceeded to gut renovate the entire house. We created an open layout, full finished basement, and a modern look. Handsome Homebuyer will purchase any house regardless of the condition or reason.

9. Floral Park, NY. Single Family House. House Built 1981.

Special kind of house with totally destroyed roof, ceilings and floors. Water damage was catastrophic. Plus some of the period it’s being hoarded. It takes a lot of time and effort to bring this house back on market.

10. Riverhead, NY. Single Family House Built 1981.

This 3 bedroom one bathroom property had been vacant for many years and in extreme disrepair.  Our team removed 100 yards are garbage from a 864 square foot house.  There was even a jetski dumped into the cesspool.  The property has since been renovated and is being rented to a veteran and his family.

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