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Sold Home In Hicksville, NY


Just wanted to say thanks again for inviting us to tour the “new” 9 Ferndale Drive. We all loved the updates and are happy that it is ready for a new family to enjoy. We have great memories of growing up there and wish the same for whoever is lucky enough to own it next. Thanks too, for your professionalism and patience during the process. It went as smoothly and quickly as you promised. The whole experience was very positive, and we would not hesitate to send referrals to you in the future. Best of luck to you.

Nancy, Barbara, Carol & Henry

Sold Home In North Bellmore, NY

Shortly after my mother died (in June of 2019), Charles Weinraub, owner of Handsomehomebuyer.com contacted me about selling the house. I was taken aback as I was not thinking about it at the time and sent Charles an e-mail back stating just that. He waited for me to get back to him. Never once did he push. We met a few weeks later and he took a look around my mother’s house. I still wasn’t ready to get an offer from him, so, once again, he waited. And then I asked for a price. I also met with another flipper during that time who tried to low-ball me. However, even though the house was in really bad shape, Charles offered me a VERY fair price immediately.

I told him that I wouldn’t be ready to sell until March 2020 or so and he said, “take your time”. And I did. Charles was very cognizant of the fact that this was my childhood home and that it meant a lot to me – he never rushed me and he never pushed. He even told me not to worry if I couldn’t clean out everything in the house – that he would take care of it.

When it came time to close – in March of that year – we closed quickly and painlessly. Charles did everything he said he would do.

Charles is very professional; with great integrity. He is true to his word and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking to sell their home.

Barbara W.

Sold Home In Valley Stream, NY

In the middle of getting estimates for repairs and valuations by real estate agents, Charles walked up and introduced himself, saying that he’d like to walk through and make a cash offer on the house. He presented himself very well, and I liked that he was a straightforward, down-to-earth guy with a good sense of humor.

Charles’ offer was fair and reasonable, not a low-ball shot in the dark. It wasn’t quite what some of the real estate agents were saying they might be able to get me, but when I considered the commissions and the costs of maintaining the house while I waited for a valid buyer, it made a lot of sense. Besides, there was no guarantee that the agents would find a buyer that would actually meet those expectations.

So I called Charles and told him I’d accept his offer. From there, everything went very smoothly. Charles was very flexible and willing to adapt to my timeframe. In my situation, it turned out to be the ideal way for me to sell the house because it allowed me to go forward with my plans for the future very quickly, rather than having to wait through the lengthy process of renovating, listing, and negotiating the sale of the house. Throughout the entire experience, I enjoyed doing business with Charles, and I plan to visit when he is done with his renovations to see the final result.

Happy Home Seller

Sold Land In Riverhead, NY

My father passed away and left me a 1 acre piece of land in Riverhead NY. I live out of state and have no use for the property so I contacted Charles from Handsome Homebuyer. Charles was very professional and made me a cash offer within a few hours. Charles purchased the land from me within 13 days with no aggravation. It was a pleasure working with the Handsome Homebuyer.

James B.

Handsome Homebuyer wants to help you to sell my house fast Long Island.  As the top cash home buyer in Long Island NY and land buyer in NY we are experts and make it easy.