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Congratulations! You are one step closer to selling your unwanted land. Simply contact us today at 516-518-5515 to discuss the many options available to you as a land owner.

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Our staff will generate a written cash offer with proof of funds in 24 hours or less.

Close In As Little As 5 Days

Close In As Little As 5 Days

At Handsome Homebuyer we aim to create the best seller experience possible. We purchase every parcel of land in “as is” condition, and close at your convenience in as little as 5 days.

We Buy All Types of Land

Whatever type of land you’re selling, from a wide range of lots to farms, vacant land, plots of land, undeveloped land and more, we provide a viable option for people who want to sell my land online for cash. We use our bank account, so there’s no need to go through a bank’s process. We work with Realtors and with owners without commission. We take the property as is and close fast. We have in-house permitting and can establish the highest and best use, so we can get the seller the most money. We offer you one-stop shopping where it’s up to us to figure out what to do with your land. Our job is to add value to your land, which lets us add value to our deal with you. We want to provide you with a handsome price and a hassle-free process. If you’re thinking of selling land, you may want to reach out to us.

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The following are a few of the land properties we’ve bought in Long Island.

We buy your land as-is.

In a world with high-tech, high-speed manufacturing, one thing remains in limited quantity: land. That’s certainly the case in many regions such as Long Island, from Nassau to Suffolk and into New York City. Land remains a huge asset, whether it’s vacant, an empty lot or with structures on it. Selling land with or without buildings can lead to big dollars and big deals, but, if done wrong, big disappointments and hassles with deals that never close.

How do you sell land in a deal long on dollars and short on hassles? Whether you have vacant land, undeveloped land, land with buildings, farms or lots with a variety of structures, a real estate investment company may be a viable option. With land, where value is often based on what can be done with it, who you sell to matters even more. Selling your land for cash to an experienced buyer, such as a real estate investment firm, rather than to an individual purchaser who gets a mortgage may get you a good price at a quick pace.

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Sell My Land FAQ

When you sell land, you’re engaged in a matchmaking process. Handsome Homebuyer, the real estate investment firm I lead, is in the business of buying property. With a house, you sell based on what’s there. With a building, there’s a finished or nearly finished product. With land, you do best to sell to someone with expertise regarding highest and best use, which a professional real estate investor like Handsome Homebuyer can evaluate. You need to find the right buyer, the right price and the right time. Since land can involve all sorts of zoning, permitting and other issues, as well as determining what’s best on a property, working with an experienced investor, such as Handsome Homebuyer, brings particular benefits. We have our own in-house permitting division, so we’re ready to add value to your land on paper even before building. That means we can pay based on what we can do with your property, rather than only with the hope that we will find someone else who can do something. And we specialize in a broad range of properties. We can put money in your pocket based on future profits that we anticipate by work we do with volume discounts. We can evaluate the most valuable development, so we can pay based on potential rather than simply looking at the property.

Figuring out what land is worth is among the first and certainly most important steps, before finding what you can actually get. That means understanding the factors that determine how valuable a piece of land may be. Land value is a matter of what it’s zoned for, what we can build there, as well as what it costs to build there and will be worth afterwards. Things that affect the value are school district, location, environmental issues and zoning. You might be able to build a single-family home, retail, mixed-use, apartment buildings or industrial. It’s important to understand what can be built, in order to know what the land is worth.

There are many types of lots, undeveloped land, farms, greenfields, agricultural land, orchards, animal farms, ranches, infill land and brownfields. It’s important that you deal with a potential buyer who is able to work with your property, if you want to land the deal. Look at track record: The past can help predict, if not guarantee, the future. Handsome Homebuyer has done deals ranging from farmland to religious institutions such as churches and temples, as well as gas stations, body shops, nurseries, offices, industrial, multi-family and so many more. We’ve bought gas stations considered brownfields. Whatever the property, we assess based on best use. We have professional relationships that can help get properties rezoned, to achieve the highest and best use, ultimately giving sellers and us the most bang for the buck. With land, more than any other type of property, it’s important that the buyer can deliver, from their network to bankroll.

Many people can benefit by selling their land fast and for cash to a buyer who can self-fund a deal based on renovations and resale they plan. We’ve worked with everyone from private sellers to developers, banks to those who inherited property. It’s important that a would-be buyer be able to work with you. With land, inherited property is fairly common. Your buyer needs to be able to navigate that situation. We’ve also worked with business owners, property caught in divorces, property that has taxes due or is facing lawsuits requiring liquidation. Some problems can prevent a traditional sale, but a company like Handsome Homebuyer has in-house experts able to deal with them. We even did a deal to buy a pool of properties with non-performing loans where residents weren’t paying the mortgages on nine houses. Whether it’s vacant land, one property with a building or a portfolio, we have the assets, expertise and professionalism to do a deal.

Flexibility can matter when you sell your land. You need someone able to work with you to get everyone the best possible results at the best possible time. We offer flexibility in many respects, whether working with brokers or owners. We went under contract with someone who owned a gas station, but needed six months to wind down. We gave him six months. He didn’t want to clean up the environmental issues. We took care of it. In that case, the deal was for several million dollars. There would have been a hefty commission. We worked out that deal directly with the owner, who saved on commissions.

Selling your land for cash can let you net more money faster, and in a shorter time than a deal with a mortgage. In addition to saving time, you will not be responsible for taxes and insurance while finding a buyer the traditional way. Then there’s also the liability that can go with land. The longer you hold land, the greater the risk of liability. If a property is inherited with a desire to sell quick, or distressed requiring work, there are additional reasons to do a deal with cash. We can develop land ourselves or have the ability, money and network to connect a piece of land with people who can develop the land. Since no banks are involved, the process is quick and you don’t have to worry about any extraneous approval processes.

Commercial land can take longer due to due diligence, which typically lasts 90 days to investigate environmental and zoning issues. In fact, a deal can take years. Some deals are subject to approvals to build. Developers sometimes don’t have to close until their project is approved or financed. What happens if it’s turned down or not funded? Handsome Homebuyer can close as fast or as slowly as you want. We can do it in a matter of a few weeks or longer depending on timing that is convenient for you.

Yes, but it depends on the specifics. If people have a lot that’s big enough, they can subdivide or work with a developer to subdivide a property. That means going through the process with the municipality and paying related expenses. b The process can take a long time and be expensive. We often assume the cost of doing that as part of the deal, because we have in-house permitting and architecture.

If you have a big piece of property, we can purchase a portion land and you can keep the house….all of this depending on the ability to legally subdivide. We assume any costs in the process of subdividing.

This is a good time to sell your land for many reasons, although there are what an economist would call some “headwinds” going against you. Interest rates remain low, although they are expected to rise. Material and labor costs are high, which can lower the value of land, since it becomes more expensive to build. These costs also are continuing to rise, which means every day that goes by, your land could be worth less. Inventory is starting to increase as well. Now that the foreclosure moratorium is over, banks are foreclosing on land and evicting on properties that will be sold. Properties are being condemned and the court system is moving forward. People who inherited property and needed probate now can obtain it. This also can mean that your property is now being freed up and readied for sale, after being stuck in the pipeline. So this may be the time for you to sell and consider a real estate investment and development firm like Handsome Homebuyer.

We understand you’re looking for a quick and easy way to sell. That’s just another element of ease we can typically provide. We’ve bought properties after driving by, getting a basic view and proceeded to purchase as-is.