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Your house is probably the biggest or one of the biggest assets you’ll ever sell. So the sale of a house is a big deal in more ways than one. You may think of lawn signs and long processions of would-be buyers. Closing these deals can take months, lead to false starts, failed offers and an inability to get mortgages. If the house lacks permits, has an old kitchen, bathroom or siding, that can create problems. What if you could wave a wand and solve all those problems? While there is no wand, there is a way to sell a house that’s quicker, saving time, money and trouble. You may want to reach out to or at least consider a sale to a real estate investment company that funds the purchase and can offer you a hassle-free home sale far quicker and, for many who pursue it, at a higher price.

While most people sell to residents, real estate investment companies can give sellers a viable option to sell for cash. Since investors fund purchases, that takes the uncertainty of a mortgage out of the equation. When we buy houses in Long Island NY the sales can close in days or weeks instead of many months, saving carrying costs such as taxes and utilities. If a house has issues – tenants not paying rent, tax trouble, environmental concerns, damage or other difficulties – a real estate investment company is designed to be able to deal with those. Can’t get a mortgage for some reason? No problem. A real estate investor doesn’t need one. An investment company like Handsome Homebuyer, the company I lead, has people on staff to solve most problems if you need to “sell my house fast for cash”. While selling to residents can be a great option, it makes sense to know the pros and cons of selling to a real estate investor for cash and whether, when and why it can work for you.

Sell My House FAQ

For most sellers and buyers, a house transaction occurs once or a few times in a lifetime. Handsome Homebuyer is among the biggest buyers of homes on Long Island and the New York City boroughs. We look for houses regardless of condition, since we have the expertise to renovate and resolve problems. We make our money typically by buying and investing in a house, increasing value through renovation. Our and other investors’ offers typically are not just based on what you’re selling, but the value they can “add.” What you perceive as a problem can be an opportunity for investors, such as Handsome Home Buyer to add value. There is damage? No problem; we do the repairs ourselves. There’s a tenant not paying rent? We can offer money or otherwise figure out what to do. Some occupancy permits have not been issued? We have the resources to deal with it. Plus, and most important, we have funds on hand, which means we don’t need to go to a bank for a mortgage. We pay you to sell my house, without reaching out for funds and bank approval. That lets us buy houses quicker and simpler, including those in need of renovation that banks won’t even mortgage. We work with Realtors and owner/sellers. Real estate investment companies, in other words, may turn out to be the right buyer.

Before you sell to a resident or a real estate investor, you need to know how much your house is worth. You can hire an appraiser, which comes with a cost and provides an opinion the market will test. You can also look for comps on various services to benchmark your house against recent sales. But in the end, your house is worth what a buyer will pay. Real estate investors like Handsome Homebuyer figure out the value based on a simple math equation mixed with experience. Our in-house market experts figure out the current market value of your home in a process as much an art as a science. We figure out what the value of the house will be once we renovate it and subtract the costs of buying, selling, holding and renovating with some profit for us. That brings us to the offer we’re able to make you, based on the value of your house after we renovate. With houses that have issues, it can be hard to find a buyer or get a mortgage. If your house has problems, is in less than pristine condition, that can sink a traditional deal. None of those should be problems for an experienced investor like Handsome Homebuyer, since we have personnel to address issues, ranging from permitting to building to environmental, zoning and financial.

Many factors go into figuring out the value of your house for any buyer, such as school district, square footage, condition, age of property and location. Demand for neighborhoods, due to desirable school districts, can jack up or lower a price. Various factors can lower values, and even create problems with conventional buyers. If a house has permit issues, if it’s missing certificates of occupancy for renovations or additions to the house, those could impact price. Is it structurally sound? For an investor like Handsome Homebuyer, dealing with these is part of what we do. Problems are meant to be solved. We have the resources, the will, the way and the funds to solve them.

If you make your house better, that can make it more valuable, but certain things add more value. It’s important to know what work adds the most value, before you do it. And if you haven’t done it, there’s a good chance we can do it at a discounted rate, due to our volume. You may think if you pump money into your house, you’ll get it back. Sometimes you will, but not always. The things that generate the highest return on investment are new kitchens and bathrooms, as well as any big-ticket item like a new heating system, roof, windows or siding. People want a turnkey property today. Especially with interest rates low, they would rather buy what they want than renovate themselves. We can invest in your home, adding things like a new kitchen or bathrooms that pump up value, letting us get a profit based on what we do, while paying you based on what we anticipate the property will sell for after extensive work that, chances are, you have neither the desire, time nor funds to do. We can increase our offer because we anticipate we can increase our profit down the line based on the right renovations.

Many houses are filled with old furniture and belongings, especially those that are inherited. You’d have to empty all of that in a traditional sale, but not when Handsome Homebuyer, for instance, buys the property. We take houses with contents as is. We work with estates that inherit properties as well as people behind on their mortgage or taxes. People who fell on hard times and can’t afford to maintain the house, which can be expensive, may want a buyer. You can remove what you want and leave the rest. We can buy a house complete with contents, so you don’t have to figure out what to do with objects that can take time and hassle to remove.

Banks will issue mortgages on many houses, but not all. You may want a cash buyer like us if you are looking for a fast, easy, no-aggravation solution to selling a property in any condition. We pay cash for the house, so no bank is involved. No mortgage? No problem. If you have a house that is compromised in ways that prevent a bank from issuing a mortgage to a new buyer, what can you do? Cash buyers like Handsome Homebuyer who specialize in investing in and renovating the property are the perfect buyer and the perfect answer.

There are major pros to selling by yourself, especially if you work with an investor such as Handsome Homebuyer. We offer you fast turnaround time, expertise and take the house as is and where is, taking a lot of the uncertainty out of the equation. It’s a seamless process. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the place out or someone getting a mortgage. You don’t’ have to carry the house and worry about a pipe bursting, mowing the lawn or cleaning. And you don’t have to pay commissions if you sell it yourself. Still, we also work with brokers.

Of course, we and other investors work with both realtors and individuals. In fact, Handsome Homebuyer gets a lot of deals through realtors who know us because of our volume. We offer a quick, often hassle-free process and path to sales that benefits the seller, buyer and broker. Since we do more than 100 deals a year, we have a process. Realtors who work with us can rely on our professionalism and problem-solving ability, and may be able to keep both sides of the commission. If a realtor lists a house at a percent commission, they get the full commission. The deal can work out particularly well for the realtor as well as the owner. Once we renovate the property, we return it to that realtor, who gets the commission again. That doesn’t cost the seller anything, but provides an added perk to the realtor.

This is definitely a good time and, in some ways, the best time, to sell your house. There is still not a lot of inventory and mortgage rates are low, although they are starting to rise, which adds immediacy. People are still looking to leave urban environments for more rural environments, due to Covid, boosting demand in places like Long Island, where we specialize, in Nassau and Suffolk along with Brooklyn and Queens. There is a lot of demand for suburban real estate from residents and investors, which lets us pay more with the idea that we can sell more after renovation or improvement. Interest rates are starting to rise, however. And inflation is causing prices to rise for construction materials and labor, making it more costly to renovate a house. That’s a double-edged sword. People who buy houses can expect their renovations to be more costly, making them eager to get a house with renovations, even if that work can cost us a little more, despite volume discounts.

Why Handsome Homebuyer?

You may want to have potential buyers walk into your house with the hope that they walk out with a deal. And for many, that route, with its uncertainties, mortgages and delays, will lead to a sale. If you decide to go the investor route, however, Handsome Homebuyer may be an ideal choice. Your average “fix and flip” investor fixes four houses a year. They don’t have the capacity or professionalism to purchase a house quickly and seamlessly with no aggravation. They may also go for fatter profit margins, since they do fewer deals. We are a volume buyer, so we don’t need to make as much from deals. They also may not know the many ways to add value to your house or get the same discounts on renovations that we can. We’ve done over 400 houses on Long Island in the last five years, making us the biggest or one of the biggest in Long Island region, from Nassau and Suffolk to Brooklyn and Queens. We have resources, testimonials and an extensive track record as well as an efficient process that saves time, money and hassle. Other investors don’t have the capacity, the experience or the bank roll that we do. You can get a handsome price, while we provide you cash quickly and without hassle to ‘sell my home. Look at your house and then look at your options. If you think an investor might be a good buyer, it might be time for you to give us a call.

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