How Code Violations Affect Your Home's Value

Selling a Long Island property with several building violations is like giving a sick cat oral medication. You know it’s the right thing to do, but it can be challenging and painful. Conventional home buyers want a good value proposition and are less keen to purchase houses with structural or legal issues.

Moreover, there has been a 39.3% increase in New York real estate prices over the past few years, making prospective buyers wary when purchasing a property. Thankfully, there is a convenient way to dispose of your troublesome house — cash home buyers. Read on to learn exactly where to sell Long Island, NY property fast, even with code violations.

Common Code Violations That Cause Home Selling Problems

Building codes are implemented to ensure that residential properties remain safe and livable. However, as your house ages, certain areas are bound to deteriorate. Moreover, some contractors need to repair better and remodel houses. These factors lead to violations. Here’s a list of the most common code violations found in homes.

Damaged or Missing Fixtures

All homes must have essential fixtures. For instance, there should be handrails and decking that offer adequate support. Moreover, ventilation systems should be installed appropriately to avoid air circulation issues and pathogen buildup. Missing or damaged fixtures can make a house unfit for dwelling and constitute code violations.

Substandard Electrical Wiring

Faulty or botched electrical wiring is a safety hazard. Aside from being a significant cause of home electrocutions, wiring issues are responsible for 6% of all house fires and 11% of fire-related home deaths. Hence, inspectors quickly place a code violation note on real estate with substandard electrical cables and circuitry.

Defective Plumbing

Plumbing systems transport clean water to your home, removing liquid waste and sludge. Compromised plumbing not only causes inconvenience and frustration but can also impact home sanitation and the health of inhabitants. Thus, any plumbing system defect, including how it’s installed, is counted as a building code violation.

Improper Flashing

Improper flashing is another common code violation. Flashing is a protective layer that prevents water and moisture from penetrating your doors and window frames. A defective or improperly placed flashing is a violation since it leads to leaks and mold buildup.

How Code Violations Affect Your Home’s Value

The average value of residential property in Long Island is $541,700. However, if it has many violations, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone purchasing your home for that amount. You’ll either have to sell your home for less than its worth or keep it and let it deteriorate further.

This is because unresolved code violations severely impact a home’s resale value. They are red flags that warn would-be buyers about the structural and safety risks of purchasing your property. Moreover, the legal consequences of owning a house with violations will be transferred to the buyer. All of these complications make your home less marketable.

Get Freedom By Selling Your House for Cash

Cash home buyers are in the business of purchasing houses, regardless of their condition or how many violations they have. These companies will not only free you from your property, but they will also pay in total cash. Fortunately, there is an alternative way to sell your house quickly and reasonably priced.

Hence, you no longer have to spend money to hire a real estate broker or go through the exhausting process of finding a buyer. You can immediately sell your house for cash today.

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Furthermore, Handsome Homebuyer will purchase your property as is. Thus, you don’t have to shell out money for repairs or maintenance. Since we’ll buy your home directly, you also don’t need to pay anyone a commission fee.

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