How to Sell Your Land Fast

Selling landed properties isn’t a popular option in the real estate niche as most buyers prefer buying an apartment or already erected properties.

This makes it challenging to sell your land, especially if you’re new to the land selling part of the real estate niche.

It can be quite frustrating when the best deal you’ve been trying to close for weeks falls through again. Hence, there’s a need to know how to close deals in landed properties faster.

In this article, we give tips to help you sell your land for cash quickly, at a reasonable rate, while providing accurate answers to most of the questions you may have.

Tips to Sell Your Land for Cash

The following tips can help you sell your land at the right price within a short period, even without solid experience with selling lands. They include:

  • Set the right price — A top secret to help you sell your land faster is putting the appropriate price tag on it. You can avoid the stages of attracting unserious enquirers to dealing with committed potential buyers by applying this little tip. Use the average price for lands within your location to set yours while considering the size. This will help you get a fair price.
  • Work with experienced Agents — Working with an experienced realtor agent can help you sell your land faster and higher. They have the needed skills and a clientele database to achieve this swiftly. This method also saves you from unproductive engagements with unserious buyers and the unnecessary stress of attending every inquiry. It’s one of the efficient options to consider if you have a proven agent at hand.
  • Use listing sites — Listing sites for landed properties is an effective way to expose your lands to thousands of buyers. Adding the appropriate price and irresistible perks to your offer should get you an acceptable offer. However, this option comes with a few of its downsides, part of which is numerous inquiries from buyers that aren’t serious about buying. It may also take time to get a suitable client, as there are lots of offers on the site.
  • Get a Cash Buyer — There are lots of cash buyers that are ready to offer you the best price for your land if you’re ready to sell. Handsome Homebuyers is one of these cash buyers. They buy your land within a short period, paying you what your land is worth. Cash buyers save you stress time and help you earn more than other means. You own 100% of your money when you sell to a cash buyer, unlike listing sites and using agents.

Using these tips can help you sell your landed properties within a short period at the best price.

Also, the following FAQs can help you clear possible Gray areas you may have about selling your land for cash. Thus, making sure you can navigate the niche better and achieve desired results.

How much is my land worth?

One of the secrets of selling your land faster is to set the appropriate price. However, you don’t just determine the price based on your need or what you feel it should be worth.

Several factors contribute to the worth of your land, and the best way to determine the price is by evaluating the average market price of similar land sizes in your area. You can also use the service of land valuers.

How long does it take to sell my land?

Selling lands usually takes longer than residential properties, especially if you’re a newbie. You could go two years without being able to sell the land, and you can sell it within a week of listing. The tips mentioned above, particularly the cash buyer option, can help you achieve the latter.

Can I sell a portion of my land?

Selling lands in portions is permissible, provided you’re selling a portion that meets your potential buyer’s needs. However, selling in portions may limit buyers’ options in selling subsequent portions.

The reason is that some people may not be willing to share space with your first buyer. Hence, you should weigh your options before making a decision.

Why Handsome Homebuyers?

Handsome Homebuyer is one of the most reputable cash buyers that can help you cash in on your landed properties fast. They have a seamless process of closing deals, and you can be assured of the best price once the inspection goes to plan.

They’re one of the few cash buyers that puts your interest before theirs. Handsome Homebuyers prioritizes giving you the deserved price your land is worth over making high margin profit.


Selling your landed properties can prove difficult if you’re sourcing buyers yourself. Listing sites for landed properties is an option to increase awareness of your land sales, but it may not be effective in getting a serious buyer. Hence, cash buyers like Handsome Homebuyers are always better options to explore.

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