How to Sell Your House Fast

When you sell your house, the first thing is you want to sell it for the most you can get. There’s something else: You may want to sell it without long delays. The typical process can feel like watching a new layer of paint dry. Selling the typical house takes months from concept to closing. The typical deal takes nearly two months, according to U.S. News and World Report. And average times can be longer in much of the country. Plus there can be lots of twists and turns. Here, though, are some tips that may help you get to a good offer quicker. Here’s how to speed up the process, while still getting the price you want, including seeking out cash deals that can get you not just what you want, but when you want it.

The price is right

Obviously, the lower the price, the quicker the sale. Or it might seem that way. That’s actually not always the case. You do, however, want to sell at a price that will attract people interested in your property. That basically means that whatever the product, the price should reflect it. If you’re selling a house for a high price, appliances should reflect that. And your price should fit the surrounding sales or comps. You can look at comps or rely on advice from real estate brokers. Don’t lowball, but make sure your price attracts interest.

The place is right

While price matters, so does the location, which can include attractive school districts. Certain locations attract more or higher demand, but different locations will attract different interest. If you’re in a hot market, that can speed things up. But even then, certain other factors matter. If there’s low inventory, that may make your house more valuable.

The time is right

You probably noticed your house just looks better during certain times of year. You may even feel better when you arrive home then. Curb appeal is just more appealing during certain times of the year. The same is true of sales: They just go faster. While the best time to sell your house to someone is when they need it, warmer months (especially up north) tend to move houses. November to January are the toughest time of year, leading to more time. June is a good time. But any time can be right if you’ve got other factors in your favor.

The right condition

Certain renovations pay off. Others not quite so much. If you want to sell your house to a new resident, your kitchen matters. Things like, say, an outdoor jacuzzi might be fun, but they’re just not as likely to speed up or bump up that sale. Some people stage houses, making them look even more appealing. That can add value, as well as speed a sale, but it’s not necessary to get to a deal.

The right broker

You can sell a house on your own and thanks to online platforms, that’s easier than ever. Still, you may want to work with a broker. They should be able to get the word out and get the offers in. Find out brokers’ track record. Who’s closing sales and are they doing it at or above asking price? You want to pick someone who’s big where you’re selling, because they bring expertise from pricing to reaching people interested in houses there. The best broker for you is someone familiar with where and what you’re selling and potential buyers.

The right buyer

This, believe it or not, is the thing so many people overlook. Many people simply try to find someone who will want to move into their house. And that’s the typical broker route. But real estate investors, who pay cash, also can prove the best buyer. An investor is a professional buyer who renovates and resells. Investors typically close faster and bring expertise to dealing with problems along the way. Buying a house is their business, something they do regularly, not once or twice in a lifetime. They do this all the time, which can speed the process. So make sure you consider and reach out to real estate investors, if you’re looking to sell fast.

The right stuff

In aviation, the right stuff is courage, competence and, well, a desire for excellence that can make someone very competitive. In houses, the right stuff is simpler: cash. If you reach out to someone who needs a mortgage, they need and you need to wait for bank approval. Then there is the obligatory in contract period, amid due diligence. Closing is a celebration, because it takes so long to get to. And people, not accustomed to the process, tend to go slow. If you’re working with a real estate investor, they fund with cash. That means faster and typically smoother sales.

The right time

The lower interest rates, the higher the price, typically. When money goes to the bank in the form of interest, that may take away money from the buyer. Rates are still relatively low. There is another plus, however, when you’re dealing with real estate investors. They frequently fund from their cash without borrowing, so they don’t pay interest on the deal. Whatever you do, it’s probably wise to consider real estate investors. It just makes sense to go to buyers who have the cash. That’s real estate investors who, if things work out, can give you the right deal which, in the end, is what matters most.

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