Why a real estate investor can be a real estate agent’s best friend

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If you’re a real estate agent, you probably have a long list of clients seeking to sell their property. A homeowner wants to sell one house: A real estate agent has new ones all the time. Who better for to work with, then, than a real estate investor who buys hundreds of properties? That’s one reason many real estate agents work with Handsome Homebuyer and, I expect, some other investors. We offer resources, help, commissions and, best of all, we go back to the initial agent – when we resell. That means the agent gets to sell the same house twice, earning two commissions. Agent’s clients can get good, quick, cash offers and agents get fees. It’s a win-win for sellers and real estate agents as well as a reason so many real estate agents refer deals to us again and again.

How investors help real estate agents

Real estate agents are our number one referral source for land, commercial property, houses and other deals. You want to sell; we not only want to, but have the cash to buy. That means cash deals, which simplify things. I’ve worked with thousands of real estate agents, both commercial and residential across Long Island and all five boroughs. We always deliver what we say we’re going to deliver and we buy a lot of different types of properties, not just one. Agents and people in general inherently want to avoid obstacles and problems and find an efficient path to a good outcome. If an agent has one person who will take everything from them, it’s easier to work with that one person. We can handle as many properties as you have.

Cash and commissions

Real estate agents know they’ll get the full commission when they sell to Handsome Homebuyer. We want to do a deal, but also to build relationships with real estate agents. If you list at 4 percent commission, you get the full 4 percent commission with us. But that’s only the beginning of the benefit. After we renovate the house, we always give the listing back to the agent who made the first sale. That means the agent gets to resell the house and make a commission the second time. That’s twice the commission, but it isn’t typically twice the work.

Second time around

Not only is it typically smoother and easier to do a deal with a professional investor like Handsome Homebuyer, agents get to sell the house twice, with some help from us. The process, when we bring the initial broker in again, is turnkey and easy. When we prepare the house for listing after renovations, it means a locked box on the door with keys. It means professional photography, description and information. When the house is done, I send the initial agent an email with all the information about the property, plus professional photography for which we paid. They just have to upload to OneKey MLS, set the open house and wait to get phone calls. It’s a very pleasant experience.

Marketing help

On top of that, we do a tremendous amount of free social media and video marketing on behalf of the agent when it’s time to resell. That benefits the deal, but also the agent. You get exposure and free marketing. We do videos with agents including a listing video and a podcast. We put agents in videos on programs and promote them heavily on social media. So not only does the real estate agent get a sale and a second commission, but you get help marketing the house the second time. Agents we work with on a regular basis get features on the Handsome Homebuyer podcast, the Elite Agent and other online programs we present.

Help from our team

We can be a resource, as well as a buyer, for real estate agents. We have a comprehensive team, including in-house marketing, construction and permitting. We act as a general resource to the real estate community, including real estate agents who call us and ask for our help for free on day-to-day problems with current listings or with current buyers. If you have a listing with an issue related to permits, if you are concerned about a structural issue or something related to construction costs on a house, we are there to help. If you have a question about value, I’m an expert on real estate evaluation. You can ask my opinion. If you have questions about the short sale process, I can help with that. You may have a client behind on their mortgage, so you may want to know how does the house get sold if they owe more than the house is worth? We can help walk you through that process.

Bad condition, good deal

We have the funds available to close on any type of property, at any timeline and, important in some cases, any condition for any reason. All purchases are done in cash and the properties are taken in as is condition. A Realtor will call me and say, “I just took this listing. I haven’t listed it yet. The seller is looking to sell.” If it’s in bad condition, that can be a plus not a problem for us, since we plan to renovate. A Realtor called me the other day about a house in Westbury on an oversized lot that could be subdivided into three separate lots to build houses. We did the deal. A house in poor condition, hit by a fire or packed with objects due to hoarding may not be mortgageable. It can’t be bought by a buyer with a traditional mortgage. We can purchase it with our own cash.

Helping with inherited houses

Typically, most inherited houses are older, dated and in need of updating and significant work. A real estate agent representing an inherited property may run into additional problems. We buy houses in Long Island and close quickly on houses like these. We can help reach a deal even for properties with multiple heirs. If you have an inherited house, somebody has to pay to carry the house, including insurance and maintenance. We can close the deal quickly to ‘sell my house fast Long Island’, saving carrying costs. Handsome Homebuyer can be the right choice for real estate agents as well as sellers. We bring resources that benefit everybody.

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