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Financial advisors get involved in all sorts of issues related to their clients’ income and savings from retirement accounts to taxes and even forming entities. And that also involves real estate as clients look to sell property in conjunction with estate planning and things of that nature. That makes real estate investors, such as Handsome Homebuyer, a go-to resource and source of referrals for financial advisors and their clients.

Whether it’s a sale after retirement or an estate, real estate investors can be a resource for financial advisors. When a client is seeking to sell a property, we can provide a quick way to get a good price – and we pay in cash. That benefits the advisor and the client and is one reason we are so often a resource for financial advisors whose clients are seeking to sell real estate.

Estate of affairs

The biggest most common way financial advisors get involved in helping sell a property, or at least referring a sale to us, is when somebody passes away. They’re wealth managers, which means the manage people’s money and assets. When someone passes away, leaving behind a commercial or residential property, they will reach out to Handsome Homebuyer to see if we’re interested in buying it.

Wide range of properties

Financial advisors can assist with a wide range of assets, ranging from homes to buildings and businesses. That can mean clients who have very different properties. Handsome Homebuyer, which specializes in deals in Long Island and New York City, buys a wide range of properties. That means we can be a go-to buyer for

homes as well as a wide range of commercial and industrial properties.

Cash not carry

Financial advisors often are involved with every aspect of their clients’ finances. Handsome Homebuyer, which buys hundreds of properties, can do deals quickly and efficiently and resolve a wide range of problems. Clients who continue to hold a property continue to accumulate charges from taxes to maintenance. By closing deals sooner, we can save financial advisors’ clients both time and money.

Reliable, ready, reputation

We understand that in every deal a financial advisor’s reputation is at stake and so is ours. We develop relationships, not simply handling one deal, but becoming an ongoing resource. We do what we say we’re going to do. Since we use our cash, our deals don’t get bogged down in the bureaucracy or requirements of a mortgage.

Resolving conflict

Residential sales sometimes involve several people and potential conflict. A financial advisor called us, after their client passed away. A son and daughter were interested in selling property quickly. They lived out of state. We went to see it and we made a deal that satisfied everybody involved.

Financial distress

Financial advisors are privy to people’s finances. And that means when someone’s in financial distress, they know about it, whether that’s due to taxes or being behind on their mortgage. A bank may be preparing to take back a property. Handsome Homebuyer can step in quickly to close a sale, in time, based on the calendar that fits the deal.

Multiple properties

Sometimes financial advisors represent people who have more than one properties. Sometimes people own a handful of small multi-family buildings and need to sell my house fast Long Island. We have the capacity to fund and close on not just one deal, but many. That means one-stop shopping which saves everybody time and leads to a single, smoother process.

Apartment building answers

When people pass away, they may own a portfolio of commercial buildings. Often the apartment buildings need a lot of work. The owners didn’t maintain them in their later years. The estate isn’t prepared to manage the apartment buildings. And they need a lot of work. We have the resources and the expertise to do what needs to be done.

Getting things done

The most important thing with any deal is getting it done. At Handsome Homebuyer, we buy houses in Long Island and we purchase hundreds of properties. We have inhouse expertise that lets us resolve problems that can otherwise block deals. Since we operate at a high volume, we can work with lower margins. That leads to deals getting done.

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