The benefits of selling to a real estate investor

At any given moment, a huge number of houses, commercial and industrial properties, office buildings and tracts of land are up for sale. And “For Sale” signs dot lawns, while listings go up online. Owners are seeking to sell, but the reality is that a wide range of professionals advise on and even help bring these listings to market. And it’s important for all of these to realize that real estate investors, such as Handsome Homebuyer, can prove to be ideal buyers. We buy houses Long Island, have purchased hundreds of properties, pay cash, have processes in place to manage problems and can close quickly. While we often work directly with homeowners, everyone from real estate agents to insurance adjusters, attorneys to accountants, wholesalers to financial advisors turn to Handsome Homebuyer, as well as other real estate investors. Here’s why we and some other real estate investors can be the right choice for professionals and their clients selling property.


Wholesalers typically have a wide range of deals, which makes a real estate investor who buys a large number of properties an ideal partner. Wholesalers secure properties under contract and then sell the contract to Handsome Homebuyer for a fee. We can buy in volume, always deliver and the transaction is pleasant and easy. We typically pay more for the property than they wholesaler, since we base our profit on resale price after renovation.


Real estate agents are our number one referral source for land, commercial property, houses and more. There’s a reason. We are professionals, provide top-notch service, pay cash and can close quickly or on your schedule. Our goal is to be on the top of the list of prospective buyers of every real estate agent on Long Island. We achieve this by offering the following value propositions: We buy a wide range of properties, we always deliver and we have the ability to purchase volume. We also promote the agents through video posts on social media and create an amazing experience for them and their clients. Plus agents typically get two commissions. After we renovate, we return the listing to the agent we worked with on the first deal.

Estate attorneys have clients that inherit often unwanted properties. The attorney refers the client to us to purchase the house and if we purchase the property, the attorney gets a fee from us. We also can help resolve all sorts of issues, while respecting the sensitive nature of properties in an estate. We have experience working with multiple owners, dealing with properties with non-paying tenants and other issues, and can close quickly, saving owners the carrying costs such as maintenance and insurance they incur until a sale is made.

Public adjusters are hired by homeowners to maximize insurance payouts due to fire or flood. Sometimes, the homeowner might prefer to keep the insurance check and sell the property as is. Public adjusters currently refer clients to us and if we purchase the property, they get a fee. The damage to these homes can make a house impossible to mortgage. That’s no problem for us, since we fund deals with our own cash. We also specialize in resolving economic and environmental issues, so when one occurs, we’re ready. And since we typically renovate, a house in poor condition isn’t a problem for us.

Homeowners may have properties with a wide range of economic problems that can complicate deals with typical buyers. We have staff and experience to manage these, whether they be tax liens or someone who fell behind on mortgage payments. Tired landlords, out of state owners and divorces all can make the process more complex. We routinely deal with all of these. There’s no reason that your problems should turn into a problem when it comes to selling the house.

Accountants are the first to know when a person is in financial trouble, is inheriting property, or looking to sell a business or property. They are excellent referral sources for Handsome Homebuyer. We work regularly with various accountants. When a property is for sale, they know we are reliable, professional and provide good service to them and their client. When they refer us, we know their reputation is on the line and so is ours. We don’t just want to do one deal, but to build a relationship through service.


Business brokers sell businesses that sometimes come with property. If someone wants to buy the business but not the property, we can purchase the property and lease it to the new business owner. When a seller separates the land or building from the business, that frequently makes it easier to sell the company – at a lower price. In addition, the seller gets two paydays, one for the company and one for the property.

They have clients with property they are looking to sell in conjunction with estate planning and things of that nature. Referring to a real estate investor, such as Handsome Homebuyer, can simplify and speed up a sale. We have cash on hand, so we don’t have to go through a lengthy approval process requiring vetting by banks. We use our own money, our own experts and then do renovations more cheaply than the typical homebuyer. We can be a great resource for financial advisors and their clients and, really, anybody seeking to sell my house fast Long Island.