Top 10 Reasons to Sell Land to a Real Estate Investor

You may drive past land with big, bold signs indicating land is for sale. Some are on major roads and others are on more remote roads. But other people sell without putting up a sign on the property or an offer online. Although land can be valuable, how do you know what it’s worth? Who do you sell it to? How do you sell it? And is there any way to speed and simplify the process? Selling your land for cash, to a real estate investor, can help you find a buyer, get a good offer and close a deal more quickly and at a better price. The downside is not everybody has the cash for a major transaction, so there aren’t as many real estate investors out there with the means to close without a mortgage. The upside is real estate investors, like Handsome Homebuyer, have the cash on hand. This is our business. If you’re selling land, at a minimum, you should probably be aware of what a land sale to a real estate investor entails, saving time and potentially leading to a good offer, and whether it could work for you.

1. Maximum value

The value of land is typically based on what can be built there. That means you want to be dealing with someone who can identify the maximum or best value of the land. Handsome Homebuyer, along with other real estate investors, has the expertise to identify the best uses or what can be built there. The more value we find in your land, the more we can pay you.

2. Less paperwork

When you sell your land to someone who takes out a mortgage, get ready for a small mountain of paperwork. That means providing extensive information. And that also means more opportunities for a deal to fall through, if the bank doesn’t like some of the data. Handsome Homebuyer, and many other real estate investors self-fund. That means we don’t need to bring in a bank, so we don’t have to go through the process of dealing with a bank, including paperwork.

3. No interest in the deal

While you may show some interest to a real estate investor, there won’t be any reason to roll interest rates into the transaction. Since there’s no mortgage, there’s no interest paid to a third party. That interest is built into deals, but it isn’t even there in deals with real estate investors like Handsome Homebuyer.

4. Cash is king

Who wouldn’t want to sell for cash? The problem is few people have the money needed to purchase land. That’s because that isn’t their business. We have money set aside to buy land. And we do more than 100 deals a year, covering residential, commercial and land. Don’t search for someone with cash. Start with someone who has the cash in hand, because it’s their core business.

5. Less time for transaction

Traditional deals with mortgages involve going to contract, which typically adds months to the process. Due diligence can drag on. And originating mortgages is only one part of a bank’s business. Buying and renovating is our business. We are dedicated entirely to buying and improving properties.

6. Real estate broker or sale by owner work

While you may work with a commercial or residential broker or sell on your own, Handsome Homebuyer, and other real estate investors, can work with all three. You can do a deal involving commission or work directly with us. Take the approach you’re comfortable with. If you think the broker will provide services, including helping get a higher price, go that route. But you can also deal directly with us, avoiding commissions.

7. No signs and marketing

You can spend time searching for buyers and hope you find one. And you may end up with a good deal. If you start with a real estate investor, there’s a far better chance of reaching a deal. We do deals all the time and there are far fewer reasons the deals would fall through.

8. We work on your calendar

We can close deals quickly, if that’s what you want. And if you want cash fast, selling to a real estate investor is a great route to a deal. But we can also work on your calendar. If you want to sell at a future date, we can wait. We have deals in the pipeline. We’re not a business that will need to close on a particular schedule.

9. We can resolve issued

Your land may come with some strings attaches, such as back taxes or other complications. For some buyers, these can be deal breakers, but they aren’t even bumps in the road for us. We specialize in doing deals, which means overcoming obstacles. And we have the expertise to do it.

10. Closing without complications

While you may get an offer, that only matters if it closes. Many deals fall through, leading to wasted time and money. Our offers typically have a clear path to closing. We buy as is and do our own due diligence, not relying on any claims you make. You can bring in whatever advisors you’d like. We have our own team who works on deals all year long. Don’t worry that we won’t have the funds. We have the funds from day one. All of this doesn’t mean you should sell to a real estate investor, but it should mean you should consider that as an option. And if you do, we hope you’ll reach out to Handsome Homebuyer. We do more than 100 deals a year and, if things work out, we might be able to do a deal that pleases you.

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