How to Sell a Fire Damaged House?

There are between a quarter and a half a million home fires every year in the United States, many of which result in extensive damage to the home. Following this traumatic experience, homeowners are left with big decisions about what to do with a house in the aftermath.

A house fire not only damages the home, but it can also be a downright traumatic experience to face even if no one is injured or worse. On top of that, a myriad of decisions must be made about repairing the home, and no one enjoys dealing with insurance companies in such stressful situations.

This leaves many homeowners ready to just throw their hands up in the air and be done with the whole situation. The stress takes a toll after a while, and frankly, many people want to move on and start rebuilding their lives rather than be burdened the burned-out house.

Can I Sell My House After a Fire?

After a fire, the home is still yours, and there is nothing that prevents you from selling. But, of course, if you want to get top dollar for the home on the traditional market, you will need to repair the home.

However, houses are like cars; they may be sold in any condition, from brand new to damaged. The most important thing when selling a house that has been damaged by fire is to be transparent about it and to keep great records. This is what will protect you from ending up in any sticky situations like being held responsible for liabilities and possibly lawsuits.

It can be a bit more difficult to sell a house damaged by fire because it may be harder for a buyer to get financing. Many prospective buyers may be concerned about underlying issues they could unknowingly be strapped with. This makes the biggest issue with selling a house after a fire finding a buyer for the house.

Who Buys Fire Damaged Homes?

As stated above, private buyers for fire damaged homes can be found, but often the process is much slower, and they will expect to pay a bare minimum or undervalued price because they are purchasing a fire damaged home. To avoid these traps, you may want to sell your home to a company like Handsome Homebuyer, which pays cash for homes in all conditions.

Handsome Homebuyer has a quick, convenient, direct, and upfront process. You can sell your home to them whether you have already made repairs after the fire or not. The best part is that Handsome Homebuyer will give you a fair and reasonable price for your home based on its current condition, whatever that is, and you will be able to move as quickly or slowly through the process as you want.

With Handsome Homebuyer, because they are a diverse and experienced team, if you decide you want to try the traditional market, they can even help you do that too! In fact, you can even try the traditional route, and if it isn’t working for you, then you can opt to sell your home to them for cash and finish the process faster. There really is no better company to work with to learn how to sell a fire damaged house on your terms and within the timeframe you choose.

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