How to Sell Your House As Is

Sell ‘as is’ is a real estate term used to describe the act of selling your home in its present condition. It is a type of real estate deal that doesn’t require you to fix or repair anything in the house you’re willing to sell, as long as your potential buyer is satisfied with it.

Selling as-is can be easy and profitable if the conditions are right and you follow the right procedures. However, there are certain things you need to consider before choosing to sell your house as-is. You need to ensure the conditions are right, and you choose the most profitable means of selling.

Should I fix up my house or sell it as is?

Selling your house as-is is faster than fixing it up. However, it’s impossible to determine which is more profitable without considering certain factors.

Hence, before you decide whether or not you should fix up your house or sell it as-is, here are things you should consider:

  1. Cost Difference — This is an essential factor in decision-making. The cost difference between fixing up your house and selling it can help you make a profitable decision. If fixing up your home will cost $4200, for example, and your total selling price after that will be $10,000, it would be a wrong decision to do that in place of selling as-is for $6500. Hence, considering the cost difference is essential towards ensuring a profitable deal at the end of the day.
  2. Available Time — In a case whereby fixing up is slightly profitable, how fast you need cash determines which option to choose. Fixing up generally takes more time, and it may extend than you imagine. This, if you’ve got little time, selling as-is remains your best option.
  3. Buyer’s Demand — This is another essential factor for your decision-making. Some potential buyers may demand you fix up the home, and they’d pay your asking price.

They may also choose to buy it as-is depending on the one they find more profitable. It’s left to you to decide which options put you on a winning side by considering the options above.

How much is my house worth?

The worth of a sell-as-is house is usually lower compared to a ready-to-move-in house. Nevertheless, you can determine the value of your home in its present condition by using any of the prescribed methods for knowing the value of any real estate property.

Checking the average market price, seeking a professional opinion, and judging based on the average offers by potential buyers are ways you can use to determine your house’s worth.

Also, if you know the actual cost of fixing up your house, you can always subtract it from the house’s real value to know the price to expect from your potential buyer. You can set such a price as your floor price, below which you won’t entertain any offer.

What happens if I sell my house as-is?

Selling your house as-is doesn’t exempt you from disclosing all there’s to know for potential buyers. You’re liable to disclose certain things about the state of the house while closing the deal to avoid legal liabilities.

When you sell your house as-is, you become free of repair and damage costs. Although, this will reflect the total sales amount, as it will be lower. However, there’s always a way to get the best deal if you explore profitable methods.

Working with an agent with in-depth experience selling as-is is one way to close a profitable deal. They know how to get potential buyers to make acceptable offers that are worth the value of your house irrespective of its damages or the repair it needs.

The other most profitable way is by contacting a cash buyer. Cash buyers can help you get a profitable deal when you sell your house as-is. It’s the most profitable selling method to explore, especially if you’re looking to close the deal early.

When you work with an experienced agent, you’re obliged to pay the agent some percentage after selling your house as-is. However, no-cost implications are upon you when working with a cash buyer.

Why Handsome Homebuyers?

Handsome Homebuyers come first in every profitable cash buying deal. The reputable company can help you buy your lands, commercial properties, residential buildings and sell as-is houses for the best price possible within a short period.

They pride themselves on providing the best services with an easy and seamless process of closing deals, fast payment, and convenient inspection schedules.


Selling your house as-is is one real estate selling option that saves you cost and ensures you can make money as fast as possible, even from a house that needs much repair.

You can get to sell these types of houses by contacting prospective buyers yourself, working with an experienced agent, or contacting a cash buyer.

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