There are quite a number of reasons that can make commercial property owners put their property up for sale. Irrespective of these reasons, the main goal is getting cash as quickly as possible.

It can be quite frustrating to take a big decision like selling off your commercial property and still have to wait for months before getting the quick cash you need.

According to most Realtors and forerunners in the real estate business, they believe that selling commercial properties takes more time than residential buildings. This can be more frustrating for commercial property owners needing a quick sale.

However, successful realtors have over the years devised a foolproof means of selling commercial properties in no time, with the last one being the most effective.

However, there are practical steps/tips to follow which can help you close deals on three commercial properties in less than two months, if followed by the letter.

Below, we look into these tips and, subsequently, the ways to sell your commercial properties within a few weeks.

Tips to Sell Your Commercial Properties in No Time

If you’re looking to sell your commercial properties or even residential properties within the shortest time, do the following:

  • Prepare Your Paper Works ASAP — Paperwork is amongst the prominent things that delay closing a real estate deal even when you find a ready buyer. Hence, ensure the needed permits, certifications, and ownership papers are ready within a few days of listing your property for sale.This helps eliminate any form of delay when you eventually get a buyer. Ensure you have a proactive attorney to help you get through the processing as quickly as possible.
  • Make Appropriate Findings — The scope of your research should revolve around knowing the average asking price of similar properties in recent months. This would help you set an appropriate pre-determined price for your property and reduce time-wasting on negotiation. Also, setting a reasonable, appropriate price will attract a serious set of buyers willing to close the deal as soon as possible.
  • Add Incentives — It’s human nature to be naturally susceptible to incentives. We all want a bonus or additional perks on every purchase we make or service we pay for. You can explore this human nature to get your property sold in no time. You can add environmental reports to give buyers assurance about where they are settling, offer free repair (if applicable), offer a certain discount if the deal can be closed within a stipulated period, or any incentive you know a potential buyer will find attractive.
  • Improve Property’s Aesthetic Appeal — The interior and exterior appeal of your commercial property is essential towards selling it ASAP. If your property is attractive enough on the outside, you can get tons of potential buyers within a week. A pleasing virtual or physical inspection can help you close the deal in the following week. That’s how powerful the power of aesthetic appeal is.
  • Leverage Social Platforms — The fast-paced nature of the world has made the internet a powerful marketing tool. You can leverage prominent social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and reputable FSBO (For sale by owner) websites to increase the awareness of your available properties and attract potential buyers.

For the above tips to work, you have to execute them all, without exception. All of them work in tandem to give you the desired result. They also make any of the methods below faster and highly efficient.

Proven Methods to Sell Your Commercial Properties Quickly

If you can put in the right amount of work or time, the methods below should help you get your property sold off in no time. These methods are:

  • Hire An Experienced Commercial Real Estate Broker — Avoid making the mistake of working with a residential real estate broker for your commercial property. This is why most of them believe this method is slow. An experienced commercial Real estate broker can help you close deals within a few weeks. Commercial Real estate brokers have a database of active and qualified buyers for your property, and it takes only a little time to find interested buyers from their database.
  • Prominent Real Estate Portals — With the right asking price and irresistible incentive of your commercial properties, you can always find buyers from top Real estate portals. Your asking price helps streamline potential buyers to interested ones only. Once your offer is great, the property is appealing, and documentation is intact, there shouldn’t be a delay in selling if the buyer is genuinely determined to buy.
  • Cash Buyers — According to most realtors in NYC, this is the most effective way of selling your commercial properties quickly. Once you fix your pre-determined price and the Cash buyer finds it reasonable, the next thing is to arrange an inspection ASAP and close the deal subsequently. Finding reputable Cash buyers in NYC isn’t tasking. Handsome Homebuyers is one of them, and you can always input ‘Cash buyers NYC’ or ‘Cash buyers near me’ in search engines to get a series of options to choose from.

Selling your commercial property quickly is possible. We just showed you how to do it.

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