Child support is a complicated issue and becomes even more complex with real-world
application. The issues surrounding child support can dramatically affect your finances and also
be very emotional.

When it comes to owing child support, the United States government and state governments
give a lot of latitude and tools to local agencies to collect child support. In many cases, judges
may adjust the methods used to collect arrears for a specific case.

Some things that can be done in aid of collecting child support, called enforcement actions,
according to the state of New York, are:

  • Increasing the number of payments
  • Tax Refund Offset
  • Interception of lottery winnings
  • Payroll deductions
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Credit bureau reporting
  • Denial of passports
  • Denial of professional license

Remember that penalties and collection methods can vary by state and local jurisdictions, and
enforcement actions can also vary based on the specifics of a case and situation.

If you owe child support, it does not mean that you can not sell your house. However, it does
impact how you can sell your house. It will make some methods impossible and others much
more favorable.

Let’s take a closer look at selling your home when you owe child support.

Unpaid Child Support and Property Liens

When you owe someone money, including child support arrearages, that can put what is called
a lien on (or against) your property. This means that they are making a claim against your
property to gain compensation for the debt that you owe them.

This is done by registering a lien against the title of a property. Once this is done, you can not
get any kind of compensation for selling your property until you pay the amount you owe to the
person or entity that filed the lien.

Most of the time, a court order for payment is necessary to levy a lien on a property, but in the
case of child support arrearages, many states will allow a lien to be enforced with just proof of
missed payment of court-ordered child support.

If the amount owed is high enough in relation to the property’s value, sometimes you may be
forced to sell the property to pay the debt.

How Can I Sell My House if I Owe Child Support?

Having a lien against your house because of past-due child support does not mean you can not
sell it. It may, however, affect whether or not you can get a mortgage. Many homes that have a
lien against them are rendered unmortgageable.

If there is a lien against your home and you wish to sell, you must understand that whatever
profits you get will come after the amount due because the lien is paid. Therefore, your decision
to sell will not likely be opposed by the entity holding the lien because the sale will pay off the

Who Buys Houses with Liens Against Them?

Many investors and professional home buyers will buy houses with liens against them. A buyer
like Handsome Homebuyer can pay cash for your home and complete the sale quickly with a
guaranteed price as we buy houses in Long Island. This allows you to settle the lien and end the vicious financial cycle that can
go on with unpaid child support.

Selling your property for cash is often the best answer when you owe child support. If you owe
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